Wednesday, August 3, 2011


   In the book "The River Calls" I write about the caribou herds that once occupied parts of Northern Minnesota. Even as far back as the first lumberjacks, their camp hunters brought in large caribou for the dinner table.
   The Woodland Caribou were creatures of the heavily wooded parts of Canada and Minnesota. The cold weather of these places wasn't much of a problem for the caribou. They had a heavy coat of fine underhair and a deep layer of outer guard hairs. 
   The wolf population didn't make much of a dent in their numbers. One kick of their powerful legs would send a wolf flying and if he got back up, he had little taste for caribou.
   As the hunters of caribou lie in wait, they could hear the loud clicking of their tendons covering the knee joints.
   For the early settlers to kill a caribou meant that there would be meat on the table for several months.   
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