Monday, August 1, 2011

Pickle Plants

   Up on the Bigfork River, gardens are doing some serious growing this time of year. In the book "The River Calls" Wil and Ma put up large quantities of garden produce each summer. But Wil always reserved a quantity of pickle plants for himself. The lowly cucumber was his favorite. He'd take care of this chore all by himself. 
   Off to the garden early on a hot summer morning with a large bowl in his hand. He'd look for cukes that had gotten a bit too big for pickles and put them in his bowl. When it was full, he'd wash them off in the river and head for the cabin. He'd slice them up nice and thin and then cover them with his own concoction of sugar, hot peppers, water, salt, pepper and apple cider vinegar. Then he'd set them in a cool place for a few hours.
   By dinner time, his cukes were ready to eat. Sure! He burped up a storm but it was really worth it. Now don't that sound like a treat?
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