Monday, August 8, 2011

Fruit Canning Season

   In my book "The River Calls" I talk about how preserving foods was such an important part of early life on the Bigfork River. Local fruits, vegetables and meat was all canned in glass jars. But with the arrival of a General Store, lugs of fresh fruit became available at a reasonable price.
   Most folks back then hadn't even seen a fresh peach or a pear. So now with the arrival of this fruit, canning it became a problem. There was such a small window of time to can it and if it took too long, the fruit spoiled.
   The fruit was peeled and cored and packed in glass jars. Then a mixture of water and sugar was poured into the jars. A lid was placed on the jars and then they all went into a pot of boiling water. That took quite a bit of time for the jars to seal.
   The best part was when the jars of fruit were all lined up on the table. Then as they cooled the lids would pop telling the whole house that they were all prepared for the winter. 
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