Thursday, August 11, 2011

Garden Treasure

   Up on the Bigfork River, gardens were made to help the families get through the hard times of winter. Seed was put in the ground in hopes of bringing forth full grown vegetables. But every so often, a hungry gardener would sneak a little taste. Creamed peas and potatoes. The potatoes had to be no bigger than a quarter. For those who've never tried this, here is my own personal recipe.
   First you rob the growing potato hills of about two and half pounds of small nugget potatoes. Then you shell enough peas to make a quart. The last thing is to milk old Buttercup of about three fourths of a gallon of fresh milk. Now you're nearly ready.
   Put the potatoes on to cook. Then put on the peas to cook. Then as the vegetables are cooked you rinse them and set them aside. Put the milk on to heat and bring it to a near boil. As it's warming, mix 3 level tablespoons of corn starch with 4 tablespoons of cold water.
   As the milk gets hot enough, pour in a little of the cornstarch mixture a little at a time while stirring the milk. Then salt and pepper to taste. Dump in the peas and potatoes and stir. A pinch of sugar brings it all together.
   You've just prepared the finest food known to man.
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