Friday, August 5, 2011

Old Time Radio

   As I write in the book "The River Calls" life was quite a bit different back then. Even the lowly radio was in its infancy. But oh what an infant! 
   News was mostly passed on from one person to the next and even the General Store became a news source. Newspapers rarely made it to the far north of Minnesota and when they did, they were old news.
   With the advent of a family radio, news came in "As it happens". Gabrial Heater, Walter Cronkite, and Edward R. Morrow gave us a clear look into what was happening around the world.
   But there was a lighter side as well. I new of many farmers who would time their lunch so they could hear old "Ma Perkins" on her soap opera. and in the evening Fibber McGee and Molly would entertain for a full half hour. On Saturdays, there were westerns with Broderick Crawford as Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke. 
   Radio changed the frontier north of Minnesota but it took a long while to get there.
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